End of Tenancy Cleaning Services  in West Lothian

End of Tenancy, Builders Cleans, House Moves

End of Tenancy Cleaning Services  in West Lothian

End of Tenancy, Builders Cleans and House Moves

We have created a new page for these three activities due to their increasing popularity. End of Tenancy cleans are becoming more and more popular. As house purchasing decreases, both public and private rentals are increasing. Tenants are quite rightly ensuring the property they are moving into or out of are in pristine condition.

It doesn't have to be rentals. People buying and selling their homes are also starting to use cleaning companies.

There are thousands of New Homes being released to the market and we are often contacted by building companies to ensure the properties are fit for habitation. On occasion, the building company has not cleaned the home to the appropriate standard and the new owners ask us to assist.

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    Have a Look Below for Some of our Cleaning Services

    End of Tenancy Cleaning

    This includes the removal of dust and cobwebs that might be gathered, the cleaning of doorknobs, frames, and windows, polishing of light switches, covers, and skirting boards, as well as the sanitation of any floors and communal areas to remove any grime and gathering bacteria.
    Our End of Tenancy house cleaning service is an investment well worth looking into if you want to ensure you get your deposit back (if you paid one, of course), as well as making sure that you don't become liable for any dirt left after you move out. Trust trained professionals to spot the areas you might have missed during your own final sweep through the property.

    Builders Clean

    Even though the new build may be completed in the eyes of the builder, it's not necessarily ready to move into.

    With plaster dust, silicon, paint splashes, grout, carpet or flooring remnants, insulation, muck, muddy footprints and much more, there's lots to be done before it can be called fit for moving into.

    There may be brand new facilities like toilets, showers, baths and kitchen applicances but all will need to be checked, cleaned and made sparkling.

    So, if you are ready to move into your new house and it's not as clean as you'd like it. Give us a call.

    If you're a builder and you are looking for the experts in bringing the house to how you and the buyer would like it to be. Please call us.

    We can make a huge difference in making your house look beautiful. 

    Moving House?

    We've had a number of calls recently where the new owner has received the keys and found out that their new property is not as clean as expected. On the other hand we've also had a number of cleans where they wanted to ensure the house they were leaving was as good as it could be, once they had cleared out their furniture and  belongings.

    We would be delighted to assist whether you are leaving your house to move to another or whether you are moving in. (Or both).

    We would follow the same principles as our End of Tenancy Clean as that is very comprehensive.

    Should there be anything that you require that has not been mentioned then we are always happy to discuss. Things change all the time and so do we.

    Please give us a call if you are moving home and would some assistance in your cleaning.

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