Deep Cleaning and Fogging Services in West Lothian

West Lothian Deep Cleaning and Fogging Servcies

Deep Cleaning and Fogging Services in West Lothian

West Lothian Deep Cleaning and Fogging Servcies

Deep Cleaning and Fogging Services

We have amended our site slightly due to fact that a number of people are asking for their homes or premises to be Deep Cleaned and treated for Coronavirus. They want to be sure that there are no Coronavirus particles that could cause trouble for them or any visitors.

2020 has been an unprecedented for the world. One main fallouts is the upheaval of our day-to-day lives thanks to the necessity to limit the spread of COVID-19. As such, we are proud to offer Coronavirus Cleaning Services, also known as COVID-19 fogging and sanitising services.

Fogging is a comprehensive cleaning process in which a potent disinfectant is dispersed throughout a room to cover any surface so killing off any bacteria with efficiency and effectiveness.

As a method of cleaning, fogging sanitation is one of the fastest ways to ensure a blanket removal of harmful bacteria - including COVID-19. Our fogging product has been proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

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    Some of our Deep Cleaning and Fogging Services

    Regular Deep Cleaning

    Please Note - Deep Cleaning can be done on it's own without Covid Cleaning

    One of our most popular domestic services are deep cleans, wherein we will meticulously free your property of grime and dirt. From scrubbing the inside of ovens and microwaves until they're pristine to ridding showerheads and shower silicon of limescale, we are equipped to handle it all.

    Whether it's a spring clean, you need to get your new year started off the right way, or a deep clean midway through the year as the weather gets hotter, our professional house cleaning services are always on hand to bring your property back to its best once more.

    These are just a sample of what we can do. Feel free to get in touch if there is anything specific you would like to find out more about.

    Regular Fogging and Sanitising Cleaning

    We can provide a regularly contracted disinfection clean ideal for homes, schools, public transport and businesses with a regular footfall that carry a risk of contamination. All disinfectants used are safe for humans, and your surroundings will remain undisturbed - just cleaner!
    Safety and vigilance around hygiene are at the forefront of the battle against COVID-19.

    Ensure your property and mode of travel is the safest it can be by utilising our fogging services today.

    One-Off Fogging Cleaning 

    Our COVID-19 fogging service is available as a one-off clean, making it an ideal choice for those that are about to open up their premises or mode of transport once again. From homes and offices to schools, buses, trains, you name it.

    We can fog any area to provide an environment that allows people to feel safe and secure again. 

    Call us now to discuss the guarantee for each fogging clean and how it can provide peace of mind.

    Fogging and Sanitising - Survey and Pricing

    We understand that these are challenging times and know that even discussing fogging in your home, business or transport is an unusual thing to do.

    We are more than happy to go through the best plan of action with yourself so that its best for you, your family or associates.

    Whether its a one-off fogging clean or regular, we will be delighted to discuss your Coronavirus Cleaning Services needs and a pricing structure to suit. Get in touch now.

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    Looking out and dealing with Covid in Broxburn
    Office cleaning in West Calder

    Common Questions around Deep Cleaning and Fogging

    What's included in deep cleaning a house?

    A: Stolen from our Home Page. 

    deep clean is where we move all the furnishings to ensure nothing is missed, (Of course we'll put them all back where they belong), and after that, we ensure our cleaners provide the best clean possible. We can steam clean, shine the windows, clean underneath furniture, dust, hoover and wipe the skirting boards, clean the oven, again the list is endless.

    How often should a house be deep cleaned?

    A: The standard answer across the interweb is either twice a year or four times a year. Standard regular cleans only clean so deep.....

    How do I disinfect surfaces during the coronavirus disease pandemic?

    A: There are various "internet recommended" methods ranging from bleach to vinegars that allow you to "self disinfect" your home. From experience we know that this can be effective if the correct materials are used and you get into ALL the affected areas.

    In our experience, we've found that home fogging, which puts out a fine mist, is MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE in getting into all the affected areas with the added benefit of being totally consistent in killing virus and bacteria. 

    Is fumigation effective against the coronavirus disease?

    A: Sanitising and Fogging is now the recommended and supported method by the environmental agencies, councils, agencies etc

    Ready for a new Fogging and Sanitising Experience?