Cleaning Services in West Lothian

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Cleaning Services in West Lothian

A GREAT Cleaning Company in West Lothian

Our cleaning services company has these simple goals, all with you in mind:

  • leave your space spotless,
  • be as unobtrusive as possible
  • provide a timely & reliable cleaning service, competitively priced

...  as we want you to call us again!

Our three key services offered in the West Lothian area are :

House Cleaning, which includes but is not limited to (one-off or regular, deep cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, airbnb), or

Office/Commercial Cleaning tailoring an affordable package that will meet your unique cleaning requirements, or

COVID-19 cleaning: bio-fogging sanitation is one of the fastest ways to ensure a blanket removal of harmful bacteria - including COVID-19.

We can cover it all!!


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    House Cleaning Services

    This is what a great cleaner can achieve through hard work, an immaculate kitchen

    Around the Home Cleaning 

    We know that bathrooms and kitchens require special attention to detail. Worktops, shower doors, shower bases, floors and toilets are also thoroughly disinfected where necessary, and we like to polish up any chrome or brass fittings for that final unique shine.
    We can dust as well as wash down surface areas, gloss wood, glass, mirrors, surfaces, bannisters, leather suites and much more. The list is endless. Of course, we also vacuum carpets as well as vacuum and clean wooden floors.

    Should you need to be at work when we clean your home, you can be assured that our team is fully vetted and are 100% trustworthy.

    Airbnb Cleaning

    We are experts in preparing for the next letting and aim for the highest possible standards to ensure that your customers are 100% satisfied.

    Deep Cleaning

    A deep clean is where we move all the furnishings to ensure nothing is missed, (Of course we'll put them all back where they belong), and after that, we ensure we provide the best clean possible. We can steam clean, shine the windows, clean underneath furniture, dust, hoover and wipe the skirting boards, again the list is endless.

    We know that your time is precious. Why spend it cleaning when you could be using your time more productively? We are more than happy to help.

    End of Tenancy Cleaning

    Our end of tenancy cleaning service is perfect for property owners or occupants requiring to have their empty residence thoroughly cleaned before the next tenant comes along.
    Frequently an occupant will not get all of their deposit back unless they have the property expertly cleaned. We can help here to ensure that you satisfy that part of your lease arrangement.
    If you are a letting agency/property owner and have been handed the keys back to a building that has actually not been cleansed, please get in touch.

    We can Work to Your Schedule

    We can clean your home once a week, fortnightly or what suits you. Our reservation system is really flexible to suit our client's needs and can support morning or afternoon/evening appointments.

    Commercial and Office Cleaning Services

    a tidy office is a happy office

    About our Office and Commercial Services

    Nowadays, Office and Commercial environments must be as hygienic as physically possible. It's therefore also crucial that you have a cleaning company that is thorough, reliable and trustworthy. That's where we come in.

    Below are some of our key services

    • Small Office Cleaning Contracts
    • Large Apartment Block
    • Commercial Windows Cleaning
    • Industrial Carpets
    • Kitchen & Common Areas
    • Day Janitor Service
    • Waste Management
    • Grounds Cleaning

    We operate in both the public and private sectors

    Industrial Cleaning Technology

    We use the latest cleaning technology, including footfall monitors for washrooms that analyse activity and monitor consumable usage, and smart dosing systems to reduce chemical usage. We provide environmentally-friendly solutions such as water-free urinals too.

    How we do Office and Commercial Contract Cleaning

    We are more than happy to visit your premises for an initial discussion.  We will build a bespoke service to suit your company's requirements.

    Our management team ensure a regular liaison with the client is kept and will keep you up to date with monthly reports.

    We ensure all our staff are properly supervised and will not interrupt the business day. Our company has extensive experience cleaning office environments from small to medium and large contracts.

    we also provide services for restaurants, pubs and hotels

    Safer Environment for Shoppers

    A clean and hygienic environment means your customers keep coming back.

    We take into account peak hours and utilisation of space to meet the highest standards in the most efficient way - even at the busiest times. We also provide specialist cleaning for high-level areas such as atriums.

    Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning

    High Traffic Areas attract dirt and dust, and regular deep cleans of carpets, upholstery and flooring give a cleaner fresher look and feel, with protectant forming a barrier against further soiling. Our commercial cleaning products are also eco-friendly and non-toxic to safe to use in areas where your employees or guests work, eat and sleep.

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cleaning services

    A virus clean hallway. Call us for cleaning prices for that peace of mind.


    Bio-fogging is not new. It’s a well established and recognised technique for sterilising an environment by creating a “fog” of fine mist.
    There are many different types of virus sterilisation products in the market, all work well.
    Dependent on availability, we sometimes utilise a product called Zoono. Some companies use chemicals for virus sterilisation, Zoono DOES NOT and is proud to be one of the few companies that use a water-based and chemical-free solution.

    Disinfection and Fumigation

    It is not possible to establish with the naked eye that the area of concern is a sanitised atmosphere. Normal hand cleaning as well as secure distancing is vital but inadequate.

    Touch-point cleaning and also coronavirus deep cleaning services are now more important than ever before to ensure any surfaces or environments are free from bacteria and viruses.

    To ensure your environment, whether it's your home or office, is safe and clean please click below now.

    we also provide services for restaurants, pubs and hotels

    Businesses That Could Benefit Ffrom Coronavirus Cleaning

    There are houses and firms that, for whatever reason, call for the instantaneous and urgent treatment of their facilities so they can return to their premises and feel safe and secure.

    We have had numerous calls from

    • Doctors,
    • Dentists,
    • Chiropractors,
    • Salons,
    • even Maritime facilities.

    We provide fully insured, reliable and regular cleaners to ensure the best cleaning experience possible.

    It's hard to get a company you can fully put your trust in so we try that little bit harder to ensure we hit your high targets.

    We clean all areas such as Homes, Offices, Commercial Buildings, Schools, Transport, you name it.

    Our Serviced Areas 

    We generally clean anywhere within the West Lothian area, from Abercorn in the north of West Lothian to Fauldhouse in the South, from Kirknewton in the East to Torphichen in the West. There are also many, many towns just outside the boundary of West Lothian and we would, of course, be more than happy to discuss your cleaning and maintenance needs in those areas.

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